Simple Methods to Access the Wavlink Wireless Extender Device

The Wavlink Wireless extender provides the MU-MIMO technology that enables the capacity of the extender so that it can handle more devices at the same time and lessen the waiting time and boost the internet connection. It provides a 1×10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet WAN port, 3 x 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet LAN port. 8 x 5dBi which helps to cover all areas of the house and provides you a reliable internet connection. It is a Dual-band router (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) that allows wireless devices connected to wider internet coverage.

If you have the Wavlink wireless extender and you are looking for the setup of your wireless extender then you are on the right article. You can set up the Wavlink extender using the ap.setup. This article will guide you or help you to get to know the benefits of using and the configuration of your extender. Keep reading!

Benefits of Using The Wavlink Wireless Extender

The Wavlink wireless extender easily covers the long-distance WiFi coverage with the help of the Broadcom 4709 chip and it’s super powerful eight antennas enable the wireless internet connection throughout your house and helps to reduce the risk of the dead zone. In addition, it has more wonderful benefits.

Reliable WiFi Performance

It provides the ultimate WiFi range which helps to compile with the 802.11ac WAVE2 standard and enables the WiFi speed up to 3167 Mbps which helps to connect one or more devices with the extender simultaneously. With its 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, you can stream online videos and games in HD without any buffering in the internet speed.

Safe And Secure Wireless Connection

The Wavlink wireless extender supports PPTP and L2TP which helps to build up a safe and secure internet connection. Its features like a built-in firewall and DHCP servers help to access the controls on the apps such as you can manage your guests, parental control, and time control.

Dual-Band Feature

It provides the dual-band feature with 2.4 GHz (1000 Mbps) and 5 GHz (2163 Mbps) which helps to deliver the high speed of internet connectivity up to 3000 Mbps which helps to stream the videos and games in HD.

Enables Parental Control

It enables parental control and website blocking functions that help to control your child’s activities. With this function, you can manage and filter the websites and unwanted content on your connected device.

Display Screen of the Extender

The Wavlink wireless extender comes with the Quantum DAX feature which means it has a display on the top of the extender. On the LCD screen, it shows you the six major pieces of information like the WiFi speed, weather report, connected device list, WiFi, port, and router information.

Easy Setup of the Wavlink wireless extender

There are easy ways that will help you to set up your wireless extender using the web interface or by IP address.

Set up Via Web Interface

The official web interface of the Wavlink wireless extender is also an offline page. You can access the WiFi extender to your device whether it is wired or wireless. The setup is done by using the WPS method for the users.

Firstly, plug the wireless extender in your power socket. Then visit the official website of wavlink extender ap.setup using any web browser. When the log-in page opens fill in your username and password for further procedure. When you successfully log in to the web page, configure and manage the settings of the wireless extender. Place your router to the extender for a reliable network connection.

Set up Using IP Address

It can be set up by any web browser like Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. Before configuring the extender make sure that it is perfectly connected with the router.

Firstly, turn on your wireless extender by plugging it into the power plug then, try to connect your wireless device with the wireless_ac network, etc. After that, launch any web browser and type https://ap.setup or on the search bar and further login with your details and follow the on-screen instructions for the setup of the Wavlink wireless extender.

In case you still got any issues while setting up the wavlink extender then you can contact the wavlink support team who will be there for you to fix your issues.


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